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Flywheel calculation

If you visited this page, you are not indifferent to your energy independence. 

Nothing is impossible, you just have not tried all the options. This applies to this system, power generation using a flywheel without fuel. It turned out that in this system there is nothing hidden and unfamiliar with physics. Everything is built on the classical laws of physics, which are known and prescribed in any worthy textbook on physics. 

We will use the state of the flywheel in its untwisted state, when it is no longer a significant load. To do this, I determined the Flywheel Reference index [Rf] and its calculation mechanism. This indicator indicates the state of the flywheel: this is the load (negative value), the "reference point" of the transition (zero value) and the energy multiplied by the flywheel (positive value). To determine the optimal "additional" load on the flywheel shaft, another index was obtained, the flywheel resistance index, in a joke, which I gave him the name [Ku]. At the intersection of the two graphs of these indices, we find the optimum flywheel working point. 

The system after entering the necessary parameters: weight, outer diameter, internal diameter (for a hollow flywheel), calculate the necessary parameters. The diagram will show two graphs of the values of the Rf and Ku indices, they should intersect clearly, and the graph of Rf must intersect the zero horizontal coordinate line.
In the calculation of the flywheel Chuck Campbell with a flywheel of 10 kg and flywheel working speed of 1573 rpm, an almost perfect coincidence result was obtained.


The only difference is that the system calculated the intersection of the graphs of two indices with a value of 1565 rpm. This can only mean one thing that Chuck Campbell also looked for the same flywheel parameters, and our approaches are very close. 

As a result, you get all the parameters of the simplest device that are necessary for design and manufacturing. 

Set for calculation includes: 1) description in PDF format; 2) the calculation system in the Excel workbook, formatted for ease of use.
You only need to enter the data on the flywheel. The system will calculate it. Then take the engine and the generator (according to the system). Calculate the transmission of the belt and the diameters of the pulleys (also laid in the system). It only remains to make the device. 

The cost of the kit is 100 US dollars. Relatively inexpensive. Calculate your costs: if you were looking for the configuration of the device itself. I think this is a good investment to make yourself, a personal mini-power plant without fuel.

Just write me, specify the country. I will send you payment options. After payment, within 24 hours, I will send you a settlement system and description.
After I send you payment options, we have ten days to complete the transaction.

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