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Personal Systems of Free Energy [UA]
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A-Generator, the simplest device Over Unity!

The method without fuel, the generation of electric energy, which really works according to all the laws of classical physics. The main thing is that this is a very simple circuit and a combination of magnetic switching.

The greater the load, the higher the speed of rotation of the magnetic rotor. The system provides DC. Legs grow out of the simplest device from Germany during the Second World War!

The network is not very, I like to talk on this topic. Small notes Bedini. It is very likely that acquaintance with this project determined the further goal of creating the device of radio engineer John Bedini.

Learn how the method intersects with the generator of Andrey Slobodyan.

After getting acquainted with the method, you will have only one reaction: “How elementary it all is!”


The material reveals the half-century secret of the device, which is the simplest generator without fuel. For the first time information about such a device was made public in the USA, about the emergency lighting system ,. smuggled by two United States Army soldiers into the United States. It was a simple device that did not need wind, fuel or another source. He had a simple collector switch, while the device without interruption ensured the burning of several light bulbs. It is likely that German engineers working on the improvement of the UMFORMER (mechanical transducer) found a method of non-fuel power generation.


Earlier, from other sources, I found out about the device allegedly appearing at the end of the war, without battery power for portable radio stations, from Abwehr’s deep intelligence groups. And the last unverified information about the existence of two captured submarines of Germany, which were distilled, after the war in the Soviet Union. The information allegedly came from an electrician engineer who took part in this operation. According to him, the boat was completely electric, the power plant of which was the coupled Motor - DC Generator. At the same time there was no mechanical connection between the motor and the generator. The motor received energy from the generator, which, while increasing the engine speed (transmitting torque to the propeller), increased the rotor speed in response. Energy generator took from nowhere. This can be considered a fantastic fairy tale, but what type of boat was distilled, there is no hint in the information. In fairness, I think that such an installation could be done on a small type of submarine. Such in Germany, just started to develop by the end of the war.


Thus began the era of Free Energy devices. as a motor - generator 2 in 1 (ROTOVERTER). The studies of Ron Cole, the designs of Robert Adams, Bill Muller, John Bedini, Joe Flynn and others rely on the effect that was laid in that simple device from Germany.

Devices can achieve Efficiency over 1000%.

All this on the classical principles of physical processes. Calculated by classical formulas. Classical physics does not deny such devices, they are denied by "traditional focused education", and world-famous people, whose power is based on control over energy production and energy sales.

The device produces a constant current. and the greater the current in the consumer circuit, the greater the revolutions of the magnetic rotor. Only acceleration is absent in the resistance to rotation.

As Robert Adams used to say, even a schoolchild can collect (conventionally, of course, focused on the simplicity of the method, nobody has yet canceled the technology for manufacturing elements for revolving products).

The device in its final form, replaces or supplements: wind turbines, solar panels, is oriented to charge the battery or work with the inverter on a fixed (conditionally) load. The possibilities of the wire section as no one has canceled.

The material is an analytical and creative work, many years of trying to unravel the secret of Motor Adams, Bedini. Müller did not understand the system at all, as a result of working out his idea of ​​the UNIGENERATOR, a scheme was built, it became obvious to me that the other machines work according to the discovered principle. We always invent something that has already been invented and hidden.

The material reveals the possible and logical engine system of the generator Andrei Slobodian. The complexity of the switching options. But only one is logical.

Do not build illusions in power, size does matter.

For example, we take "philistine" indicators of 10 kW, output power, installation. We make simple calculations: for 1 hour of operation, the device produces 10 kW * hours; 24 hours - 240 kWh; in 30 days (24 hours each) it will be already 7200 kW * hours [7.2 MW * hours]! We look at our receipt for the payment of electricity for the calendar month and see how many kW * hours it takes to pay for the meter. Suppose you have an electric stove and hot water. The figure is about 800 kW * hour [0.8 MW * hour]. The question is what to do with the rest of the energy? You cannot store it in a two-room apartment on ... the tenth floor, otherwise you will need a huge battery the size of your apartment. At the same time every month will only stay. You can never sell it, world famous people have determined that you are a buyer, and you only have to pay!

We think further, but how much is needed?

We define average values: 800 kW * hours / 30 days = [26.7] 27 kW * hours per day - this is your average. 27 kWh / 24 hours = 1.125 kWh hours in ONE hour. This is an average figure. Naturally, consumption is uneven, and peak starts for the refrigerator engine and other devices are calculated for a total of 10 kW, but this is a fraction of a second. Then the simultaneous inclusion of devices and other things. The most interesting is that the main points of consumption you have a water heater and refrigerator. I see their power. The average power of the refrigerator ranges from 100 to 200 W / h (at rest), the maximum is 300 W / h (with the compressor running), that is, an average of about 250 W. Do not forget that the refrigerator is connected, working 24 hours a day. You can look at other electric indicators LINK. Directly connect the consumer to the generator, for example, 220 V / 50 Hz, single phase, you need to have enough power for peak starts, while ensuring that the voltage does not fall below 220 V AC. Such a mechanism was developed using a network inverter and buffer storage in the form of a battery of appropriate capacity. For stable operation, it is enough for us to have an output power of an autonomous generating device with permanent magnets with an indicator of 1.3-1.4 kW. According to his estimates, the battery capacity will be several times, and again, several times less than for a solar-powered device. How the home network on the 15th floor or in your house can look like is shown in the pictures:

You can use your home network. It is enough to disconnect the circuit breaker from the network, and to turn on the socket circuit, the output of the convector is 220 V / 50 Hz DC / AC from the home network with free energy from the magnetic generator.


Interesting! Go to the store page for a purchase!


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Personal Systems of Free Energy - No one will do it for you. It is in your hands and possibilities.

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